Which Foreign Language Shows And Movies Do You Like?

I've always liked to consume different types of content. Not only different medias and genres, but also different origins. Recently I have been watching some great non-English (and non-Asian) TV shows and movies. Because of that, I decided to start a series of posts sharing some great recommendations, most of those from Europe.

Consuming content from different cultures is great. Even when the story is similar, the way it's told will be different, the cinematography (or writing style, for books) is going to be different. That's very refreshing.

I know that many readers here like anime, and some will also watch Korean or Chinese dramas. But that doesn't count as variety if you only watch TV from 3 different countries, right?

So, during the next few weeks I'll be posting some recommendations on TV shows and movies that I enjoyed. If you have anything to recommend, please feel free to send it!

Starting a series of posts dedicated to foreign language films and TV shows. #foreignLanguage #moviesTV #foreign

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