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Good Old AMVs

I remember many years ago (like, 2 decades) when I used to go to anime conventions and actually watch anime and AMVs. The 2000s were when the otaku culture was still beginning in Brazil, and internet and subbed anime was not common at all.

Sometimes I remember a few AMVs that I used to watch from time to time, and get a really nostalgic feeling. I still have a CD with AMVs somewhere, all of them downloaded on Kazaa. Maybe one day I’ll find it and see what other videos it contains.

Anyway, below I have a few AMVs from my early otaku days, 3 from anime, and 2 from games. Hope you enjoy! And leave a comment on the linked reddit post below, with your favorite AMVs ever!


My PS4 Games List

A few weeks ago, Notion.so was made free for personal use. One of the things I decided to use it to, is to organize my game’s list, mainly PS4. Not that I have a lot, but it’s still cool to plan what I’m going to play next.


Welcome To My New Blog

Hello everyone! I have decide to move away from Wordpress and use Hugo (again).

This has some disadvantages, but at least I’ll have a bit more control over the blog. And here won’t be ads on it.

There are no comments right at this moment, but I plan on using Reddit and Twitter threads as ‘comment platform’.

Please head over our dedicated subreddit r/geekosaur to chat. Also feel free to share cool content there!

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