Music Monday: Sam Smith live at Abbey Road Studios

Recently I got a new record: Sam Smith live at Abbey Road Studios. I like Sam Smith, but absolutely loved this album. Those versions are cleaner - for lack of a better word - and delightful to listen to. Then I discovered that it’s also available on Netflix for everyone to watch, so I say: go there and check it out!

A couple are available on Youtube, which you can check below!

Reading Stats So Far: September 2021

I’ve been traking how much I’m reading, and below are my hourly totals for each month. So far it’s been a rollercoaster, but I hope those last few months of 2021 are going to be better.

Small note on the categories: Books that ‘teach’ me something are categorized under the learn category. These are books about mythoogy, poetry, etc, while for non-fiction would be a biography, for example.

Month Total Fiction Non-fiction Learn Manga
January 15:25 13:25 2:00 0:00 0:00
February 19:00 15:04 0:37 2:20 0:59
March 10:07 7:04 0:00 3:03 0:00
April 6:29 4:44 0:00 0:53 0:52
May 9:29 7:19 0:00 0:26 1:44
June 15:41 11:55 0:00 0:00 3:46
July 5:31 0:41 0:00 3:08 1:42
August 7:13 2:38 0:00 0:00 4:35
Total 88:55 62:50 2:37 9:50 13:38

So far, the only non-fiction book I was reading this year was H is for Hawk, which is currently on hold, but I hope I get back to it before the end of the year.

Geekosaur Weekly #16: Dropping Duolingo, Studying Poetry, And More

So, I took quite a break from the blog and this newsletter. There are a lot of reasons, but an important one is that it was low priority and I didn’t have much desire or ideas to write. And I guess my Jamstack for the blog doesn’t help, as it not as easy as using wordpress or blogger to write and publish. Not that it’s hard, but a couple extra steps.

I even flirted a bit with Revue, a newsletter website that was bought by Twitter, but for now I think I’ll keep this newsletter as blog posts, as in the end I always find limitations and annoyances with those blog/newsletter services.

But anyway, I plan on returning, even if with a less strict schedule and maybe less posting overall. I still like to talk about what I’ve been up to, and specially recommend stuff that I think is good.

Geekosaur Weekly #15: TV Shows And Games

Another busy week at work, but now things will settle down for a while. And while I wasn’t much online this week - being away from the computer when not working - I did enjoy some great TV shows on stream.

I think starting next week I can start having content recommendations and comments again :)

My Old Blogs Names Part 1

In the latest Otakusphere, Iniksbane mentions how Moyatorium is their favorite name for a blog, which I kinda have to agree. Compared to all blog names I ever had, it’s on a whole other level of coolness.

But I realized I also never talked about this title blog’s domain, my previous ones, and my complete incompetency at coming up with a great decent name and sticking with it. So let’s chat a bit about my blogging adventures through the decades.