Starting Less New TV Shows For Now

Too many cool TV shows, too little time to watch all of them. Who else has this problem?

It’s a common scenario for me: start a new TV show, watch it over a week or two, and then wait a whole year for the next season. But then when the next season arrives, you are already watching so many other new TV shows that you end up leaving it for later, but never go back to it.

52 paused, 120 abandoned. That’s a lot!

52 paused, 120 abandoned. That’s a lot!

Geekosaur Weekly #13: Busy Week And Books

Busy week didn’t let me check much online content this week, but at least I kept reading and managed to finish a book today!


This OST is so god, and so nostalgic to me! It brings me back to the early 2000s when I was making new anime-lover friends, going to my first conventions, and we finally were getting some cool mangas (like Card Captor Sakura) published. One of the first few songs - Groovy - is one of my favs, I think.

Books of 2021 So Far (April 2021)

One of my goals for this year is to read more: books, manga, articles, poetry, anything. This is part of something that gets more and more important to me every year as I get older, which is spending time on things that are worth my time.

I can also play games and watch great shows and movies, of course, but I think reading is a great way for me to focus, and be away from the computer and smartphone.

Geekosaur Weekly #12: Books, Manga And More

Warm and sunny Sunday here for me, and I wish everyone is having a great weekend.


I already shared Raon Lee previously here quite some time ago, but here I go again! Her Digimon cover is fantastic, and the has so many great content. I suggest just listening to all her covers.

Cathedral of the Sea Netflix Review

Cathedral of The Sea (La Catedral Del Mal) is a 2018 Spanish show that has 8 episodes and is based on a book by Ildefonso Falcones from 2006 (which has a follow up named Los herederos de la tierra/The Heirs of the Earth). It’s a rag-to-riches story set in a tumultuous era: plague, inquisition and anarchy.

In the heart of medieval Barcelona, from the Great Plague to the Inquisition, Arnau, a young peasant, endures the worst torments and humiliations to become a free man. His extraordinary destiny will make him the hero of a whole people. In the fourteenth century, to the rhythm of the construction of the church Santa María del Mar - masterpiece of Catalan Gothic built “for the people and by the people” in record time (fifty-seven years), Arnau Estanyol tries to conquer his freedom.

Geekosaur Weekly #10

After a couple weeks off, I’m back with another Geekosaur Weekly! This time focused only on updates - no thoughts to share 😕.


Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of those j-music compilations. Great way to discover new music, and also not worry about choosing a specific artist or album.

Automating Things: Downloading Reddit Media

This week, Crow published an interesting post about automating blog tasks. That reminded me of a few things I have done but never shared here (or on one of my previous blogs), and I think it’s time to post them here.

Going back in time, about 6 years ago (I’m getting old….), and maybe 3 or 4 different blogs/domains, I was writing anime reviews as a way to practice my English writing skills. And part of doing anime reviews is getting images and gifs, right? At the beginning, I would go to, open the episode’s discussion post, expand all images (with the help of RES - reddit enhancement suite), scroll to see whatever I liked and grab it. But this is not optimal, and being a developer, I started thinking of something more practical.