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Oofff - Mar 17, 2023

I decided to dump all my open tabs - spread through A LOT of windows - to raindrop and... discovered I had 1.1k open tabs. WTF???

Friday Reads (Mar 3rd, 2023) - Mar 4, 2023

A couple days ago I started reading She Is A Haunting. I got it because it reminds me of Mexican Gothic, and it's set in Vietnam, which is very interesting. I love books that takes place in other countries (Mexican Gothic, Black Water Sister, etc.)

I'm halfway though - right at 50% - and I'm loving it so far.

Below are some quotes (maybe very small spoilers?)

This house was designed to make people feel small. I don't have to go close to know the pictures are old.

It isn't a journal, I'm sure of that, since Ba taught me - when I was seven - that it was naive to keep my secrets where people could read them.

There is no sixth bedroom.
Florence must've counted wrong when she was here. You couldn't be a prodigy in every subject, even if it's basic math. Shaking my head, I scroll down the website's mock-up, delete the extra paceholder, and face the master.

We haven't spoken since graduation. I should change the picture already, but I like seeing it. I just never know whether the memory will warm me up or break me in two.

Reading Manga, Wanting More - Feb 26, 2023

After catching up with Black Clover, I'm back to reading Ranma 1/2. Read a couple of the double volumes, and already started another one. Have also been checking the Manga Plus app to see what else is there.

Yeah, I know, shouldn't be doing that considering how many I'm already "currently reading", or already have in my list. But, if anyone has a suggestion of a manga that's on Manga Plus and NOT on Shonen Jump app, let me know :)

Also, updated my currently reading page with a few manga I'm interested in maybe starting later this year:

Catching Up With Black Clover! - Feb 12, 2023

After a couple weekends, I finally managed to catch up with Black Clover. I originally stopped on the 6-month training hiatus a couple years ago, and they decided to finally catch up to it so now I can read it as published until it ends.

It's been a lot of fun! It's a shame the manga is not more popular. If you haven't given it a chance yet, try it :)

Now I guess I have to decide what to read next. Either catch up with Kaiju no. 8, finish Fire Force, read the next One Piece's story arc, or something else - maybe start a new title? Let's see what I'm in the mood for in the coming days.

Reading Fast, Memory, Improvements - Nov 17, 2022

Today I was chatting with work folks, and we talked a bit about speed reading. One of my co-workers is starting to study a bit more about it, which reminded me that I also should be looking into it. There’s just so much to learn, and being faster/better at it definitely helps.

We also talked a little bit about memory, as I was remembering Moonwalking With Einstein - that I still need to finish.

We also talked about Notion and Obsidian, and I’m looking into Obsidian, to have those evergreen notes that are linked and have a connection graph :)

I will still keep notion for blog, books, and a lot else though. All that I use as database, and not notes.

Below is a part of Moonwalking With Einstein where he talks about the poetry step on the memory competitions.

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