Music Corner 24: What I've Been Listening To (Jan 16th-31st)

New Physical Media

My wife got tickets for Avril's concert, so I got her Let Go on CD! Also got Paramore's self titled album on CD.

New Artists/Albums Listened

Patti Smith: I haven't heard of Patti Smith before, but my sister-in-law mentioned it when she was here, because she had read her biography, so we listened to a few songs. I have to say it's pretty good! We just listened on shuffle so I don't remember which songs/album

Lana Del Rey - Ocean Blvd: it's a good album, and has great songs. BUT, I'm not too fond of the intermissions, and I think that for me, they take away from the listening experience. I was a bit excited for it and planning on maybe getting it on CD, but I guess I'll just skip it.

**Dorothy - Through The Years and Gifts From The Holy Ghost: Had some good time listening to those 2 albums. Through The Years is a digital only best-of compilation from 2023, and Gifts From The Holy Ghost is the latest actual album, from 2022. I did prefer Through The Years, which I guess makes sense since it's a compilation of notable songs, but kinda wish it was available in physical format.

The Pretty Reckless - Other Worlds and Death By Rock'n'Roll: Other Worlds isa great compilation, with acoustic recordings, covers and reimaginings. Death By Rock'n'Roll is also a pretty fun album, but overall, I think I prefer Other Worlds for the variety + acoustics. (I bought Other Worlds BTW).

Other Listens

Molly Burch - Daydreamer: I have this on cassette, and had some fun time listening to it while reading

Rhapsody Of Fire - Legendary Years (Re-Recorded): This is so nostalgic. I think I haven't listened to them since they were still called Rhapsody. Great album, and I just love their first 4 albums. I guess I need to have a listen to their new stuff soon.

Mariah Carey - MTV Unplugged: This live is just so good, and early 1990s Mariah just rocks so much!


I also listened quite a bit to (G)I-DLE, and had their MVs running during work. Their new song and MV, Wife, is pretty cool! Loved the aesthetic and dance.

Live Shows

Teddy pendergrass: This 1979 live concert is just so good!! Love Teddy's voice, and he's opening with an absolute banger!

Paramore - Live At Bonnaroo Music Festival 2023

Recap of new music I got, and what I listened to these past 2 weeks. #music #musicCorner #newMusic #musicRecap

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