Music Corner 22: Dec. 16-31st music

Been busy the last 2 weeks of the year, but was still able to enjoy some good music!

New Music

Not a lot, but got 3 CDs:

  1. Post Malone: Hollywood's Bleeding
    1. Now our Post Malone CD collection is complete. We already have this one in vinyl, but decided it's good to have in CD for easier listening.
  2. Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash And The Music That Inspired "Walk The Line"
    1. Nice 3 CD collection. 2 discs are Johnny Cash's songs, and the last one is music that inspired Walk The Line
  3. Taeyeon: To. X
    1. Bought it on a whim when at ArtBox. At the moment didn't even think that it's the small version, without the full-size photobook. But that's fine!
    2. Listened to it twice in a row on the next day. Pretty nice album!

I considered getting the small version of Red Velvet's Queendom (Girls. Ver). But I don't remember those songs, so maybe I'll listen to it a bit, and if I get it, will get one of the big versions (Queen ver.). Note that there's no going wrong with Red Velvet for me anyway

Cool Listens

Cigarettes After Sex - Cry: This slowcore album is one that I kinda want to get on cassette, but I'm still on the fence about getting the physical edition, But it's awesome for streaming and to listen to while relaxing, reading a book, etc.

Molly Burch - Daydreamer: Listened to this on cassette while reading on my Kindle. Pretty nice album.

Rick Astley - Are We There Yet?: Have this on CD, and it's awesome. It's the latest album by him, released in 2023. His voice is great as always, and the vibes are kinda like George Ezra's Staying At Tamara's I think? Definitely Recommended.

New Artists Listened To

Julianna Riolino - All Blue is a cool country album. Not what I usually listen to, but I'm happy to have found it

Nuovo Testamento - Love Lines is great contemporary album with that 80s synth vibes. Saw that recommended by Maddy Danger on TikTok

Sofia Mills - Baby Magic is a cool album if you want that slow and comforting pop type of music

Slowdive - Everything Is Alive is perfect for that dreamy pop feeling! Might end up getting it on cassette

Mitski - The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We was a cool find for me. As with the bands above, I was looking for things closer to the slowcore vibes of Cigarettes After Sex, and this album is delicious to listen to. I saw her albums pop up here and there when looking for cassettes and CDs online, but until now I haven't gave her a chance. Now I'm a fan!

Recap of new music I got, and what I listened to these past 2 weeks. #music #musicCorner #newMusic #musicRewind

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