Music Corner 23: Jan. 1-15th music

New Music

My wife and sister-in-law were at Urban Outfitters and saw CHAI's album on sale for CAD$10. The record looks so cool, and it has a poster, and a signed postcard.

Cool Listens, New To Me

Eliana Cuevas - Seré Libre (feat. Angel Falls Orchestra): Saw an album from her on a record store, and decided to check her out when I got home. Great surprise!

Camila Cabello - Familia: an album with some great songs but that unfortunately, has a few totally skippable. The worst thing is that, feels like the songs I didn't like would be so much better with just a different accompaniment/instrumental. Quiet and Boys Don't Cry were a combo of too much bass for me, which is a shame because those those are between La Buena Vida and Hasta Los Dientes, which are great! I guess I basically just want her tiny desk concert.

Caroline Polachek - Desire, I Want To Turn Into You: Cool album cover, and my sister-in-law said she likes her, so I gave it a go!

Kelly Clarkson - Chemistry: I've never listened to any album from her, back-to-back. But decided to give it a go, specially after seeing her Vampire cover a while back. This album is pretty good, and her vocals are, as always, freaking great.

Recap of new music I got, and what I listened to these past 2 weeks. #music #musicCorner #newMusic #musicRecap #albumReview

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