My Old Blogs Names Part 1

In the latest Otakusphere, Iniksbane mentions how Moyatorium is their favorite name for a blog, which I kinda have to agree. Compared to all blog names I ever had, it’s on a whole other level of coolness.

But I realized I also never talked about this title blog’s domain, my previous ones, and my complete incompetency at coming up with a great decent name and sticking with it. So let’s chat a bit about my blogging adventures through the decades.

What Cosplays Do You Like To See At Conventions?

Recently I’ve attended Aniventure, an anime convention I always enjoy going to, and I noticed one thing: I only took one photo. My wife did take a few: some of us, another with two youtubers (just her and some friends, I was taking the pic) and, of course, the cosplay contest. I’m not usually into taking pictures, and this got me wondering why did I take just that one.

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera

K-Pop Dump #1

Lately I’m into K-pop again (I started listening around the 00s), and now I want to share what I’m listening to this week.