Vinyl Record Pre-Orders [Feb. 15 2020]

This year I decided to invest a bit ore in my record collection and gradually expand it. I've been spending less on Uber Eats, and directing some of that saved money on music. Still, this is not a big list, as I don't pre-order much. Maybe I should? Considering the price usually goes up after release, it's actually a good idea.

I've been listening to Dua Lipa recently and when I saw that there was this new, extended version of the Future Nostalgia album, I quickly grabbed the pre-order. It has an extra disc of content, and the running time is around 1 hour instead of less than 40 min. Also, I like this cover better, and the pre-order for the new edition is cheaper than the current version. Good deal.

Dua Lipa was featured in the first edition of Geekosaur Weekly!

I admit I haven't been listening to her a lot, but with a good deal on the pre-order, I had to get it. Her voice and her songs are cool to sit down, and listen on a vinyl record. She was featured in the second issue of Geekosaur Weekly (am I seeing a trend here?).

Now THIS is something I had to get. Fifteen-year-old would never imagine I would have this someday. If you are an anime fan and older than 30, I'm sure you heard Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze on every anime karaoke at every con. The cover and the discs are gorgeous, and it's a great soundtrack to enjoy. And the running time is almost 1h:20min.

The video below talks about all 6 variants of the release. The one I've got is the regular pink with black splash.