Geekosaur News #2: Buy What You Want, Not What's Cheap

Another week, another Geekosaur Weekly. This weeks, let's talk about spending money, and taking naps. Also some music to enjoy over the weekend.

Buy what you actually want, even if it's more expensive

One thing that I try to do in my life is to spend money where it matters to me. Of course, this can have vastly different meaning to each person, but sometimes spending money on things that are cheaper makes you actually spend more in the end. Or just not be as satisfied.

There's the obvious example of spending money on something with poor quality, clothes for example, and then having to buy new clothes every once in a while. But I also (try to) apply the same logic to books and games. For example, I won't buy very cheap/on sale games or books that probably I'm not going to play or read just because it has a 90% discount and it will be $2.

This is what I did recently when trying to buy some new vinyl records. I was looking at interesting records that are a bit cheaper, but ended up getting the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, which is fantastic, and have a long duration.

Question for the readers: do you loose your mind with digital sales like steam, kindle and others? Do you

This week, my suggestion is an article about taking naps being linked to improved cognitive function. That actually reminded me to start taking naps again. Wasn't THAT successful this week, but I'm trying.

Article link:

Discussion about the article: HackerNews

Suggestion: for a couple weeks, try having a regular nap time. Maybe after lunch, or right after finishing you work/study hours. Instead of 'losing time', think of it as a productivity boost for your day.


This week London grammar is the featured artist. I was not familiar with her until this week, although I think I already hear a song or two without knowing who was the artist. I love that voice tone, and the songs are pretty nice. Pre-ordered the new album (Californian Soil) on vinyl!


I didn't read much this week, but I received 3 new books that I ordered from Indigo a few days ago!

I started Stephen King's The Institute last night, read the first 32 pages and so far I'm enjoying it.

Gods of Jade and Shadow is from the same author of Mexican Gothic, a book that I read last year and absolutely loved!

That's it for this week's edition. Let me know what you think of this week's content, and feel free to suggest music, articles, or contribute with some random thoughts too.