Review: Salvage Trouble

This is a short science fiction book that also has a bit of fantasy. It's the first in a series, but can be read as a standalone story.

I've got it a while ago, when I was looking for a sci-fi book, but it took some time until I finally started reading it. It's only 140 pages long, and it focuses on a group of salvagers in space.

One thing that I really enjoyed on this book is how it's a light sci-fi story, but it has a bit of magic in it, at wizards are responsible for helping maintaining gravity inside the ship and also taking a ship to a deeper part of space. Or something like that. And of course, do some other tricks and fight.

The characters are diverse, varied, and they're responsible for much of the fun I had while reading this book. And the adventure is exciting. As it's a short book, there's no time to waste, and the pacing doesn't suffer.

For me, it was a great introduction to a very interesting series, and I plan on reading more of the series someday.

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