My PS4 Games List

A few weeks ago, was made free for personal use. One of the things I decided to use it to, is to organize my game's list, mainly PS4. Not that I have a lot, but it's still cool to plan what I'm going to play next.

The cool thing is that you can add all type of extra info to each game, as the table is generaetd based on a database you create yourself. Very useful if you want to have info like: DLC you own, expected timeto beat, your trophies, etc.

I'm still adding more info on mine, and this version here is simplified, just so everyone who checks my blog can see what I have. You can check the full and updated list here: Notion Link

Name Status Media
Control Playing Disc
Gran Turismo Sport Playing Digital
Crash Bandicoot Paused Disc
Spyro Paused Disc
Nier: Automata Paused Disc
Soul Calibur VI Paused Digital
Stickbold Paused Digital
Uncharted: Lost Legacy Owned Digital
Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection Owned Digital
Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Owned Digital
Journey Owned Digital
Days Gone Owned Disc
Spyro 2 Owned Disc
Spyro 3 Owned Disc
Crash Bandicoot 2 Owned Disc
Crash Bandicoot 3 Owned Disc
Injustice Owned Digital
Shantae: 1/2 Genie Hero Finished Digital
Guns, Gore, Cannoli Finished Digital