Good Old AMVs

I remember many years ago (like, 2 decades) when I used to go to anime conventions and actually watch anime and AMVs. The 2000s were when the otaku culture was still beginning in Brazil, and internet and subbed anime was not common at all.

Sometimes I remember a few AMVs that I used to watch from time to time, and get a really nostalgic feeling. I still have a CD with AMVs somewhere, all of them downloaded on Kazaa. Maybe one day I'll find it and see what other videos it contains.

Anyway, below I have a few AMVs from my early otaku days, 3 from anime, and 2 from games. Hope you enjoy! And leave a comment on the linked reddit post below, with your favorite AMVs ever!

Final Fantasy - Destiny (Stratovarius)

This! Even though I never played any of these FF games, the AMV is SO GOOD, that always fills me with nostalgia and good feelings. It actually made me want to play the games, it's just that I... didn't. But because of it, I checked the games' stories and characters, and also discovered Stratovarius. If you don't know the band, please check it out, they are great.

I know, it's a long video, but it's worth. The music and the lyrics are amazing, and the creator did a wonderful job matching the song to video. Listening to it now, I still remember the lyrics. 15 years later. That shows how much I listened to this song, and read the lyrics.

Ranma 1/2 - Baka Song

After something with a feeling, how about a funny AMV? This one is just plain fun. Fun fact: in a convention I went, there was a girl that sang this song on the stage.

Tenchi Muyo - Don't speak (No Doubt)

Tenchi Muyo is so cool. Go watch it if you didn't yet!

Ah My Goddess - Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)

This is one of the Ah! My Goddess AMVs that I like. But unfortunately I wasn't able to find my favorite, which if from the movie. Maybe someday

Final Fantasy 9 - We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions (Queen)

Just to end with something epic!

BONUS: AMV hell series

That's a series of anime edits, like the original version on Vine/TikTok compilations we have today.