What I Read in January, 2021

This year I have decided to focus a bit more on reading. My previous attempts on 2019 and 2020 ranged from just mildly successful to barely nothing. To help I've decided to keep track on my reading time. First on Notion, which I used during most of January, to them using a timer on the phone, which is way easier for me.

I started the year by finishing The Word Is Murder by Anthony Horowitz, which I reviewed here. Then I went back to the second volume of The Dragonlords series - False Idols - by Jon Hollins. I've started the second volume long ago, read up to 10%, but ended up putting it aside and preferring smaller books.

I'm very glad I continued reading it, as it was so much fun. The sense of humor is great, for me at least, and to see that in a medieval fantasy series... that's an awesome finding.

Being a long book, it took me a while to finish it: I've only finished it on January 25th. Then, I proceeded to return to H is for Hawk, another book that I put aside for a while. This one I started reading on my flight to Brazil last year, and was planning to continue on my flight back. But I was too stressed to read it.

My reading stats are down below, grouped per week. As you can see, I've started the year better, but somethings kept me away from books later on. I also suspect I forgot to input a few days on Notion - that's why I moved to the phone timer.

Week Total (in hours)
1 3:00
2 3:55
3 2:25
4 4:05
5 2:00

I know it's just a little reading, but I guess the most important thing was trying to read a bit every day. Maybe that way I can rise my weekly averages to above 5 hours. Let's see how it went in a month.

Note: the app I'm using is Simple Time Tracker. It allows me to add widgets to my home, and press them to start/pause the activity.