Geekosaur News #11: Cool Posts, And What I've Been Reading And Watching!

This week I have a few blog posts to recommend, besides the usual music and what I've been watching and reading!



This week, Irina reshared a previous post of her, I Don’t Understand the 3 Episode Rule, which is very relevant as we are 3~4 weeks in the season. As she mentions, it's very arbitrary, and doesn't make much sense to insist in something for 25% of the content. Of course, for longer series it would be a lower percentage, but the logic still applies. I will usually just watch one or two episodes of the titles I'm interested in (or half an episode even), and I might give it a second change if after the season ends, people say it's really good. But for me, one of the reasons I drop is not necessarily because it's not fun, but because I think it has a good chance of getting repetitive or a disappointing ending.

Irina and Nabe-chan are sharing some cool webtoon recommendations, and I totally suggest you have a look. It's nice to have a change from the usual Japanese black-and-white comics (a.k.a manga). Irina is starting a weekly webcomic feature, with the first being Nan Hao & Shang Feng, although her blog already has a nice amount posts in the webcomic tag. Nabe has a nice 5 Comforting Romance Webtoons post. I loved the art featured for all recommendations, and I might try reading Dragonsitter or Princess to the Rescue!. Who needs free time anyway?


I'm still watching My Wife and Kids with my wife, and last weekend we also watched the new Netflix movie Love and Monsters. It's so fun! If you liked Zombieland and want something similar, I definitely recommend it!


I've not been reading books recently, as I was spending a lot of time on the computer, and last week also playing Katana Zero. But I've been reading Ranma ½, and I'm currently on the 3rd omnibus, which corresponds to volumes 5 and 6. It's a great comedy manga that slowly adds some harem, but not in a huge fanservicy way. It's peak 80's and 90's manga comedy. Reading it and seeing that art style throws me back to my teenage years. That's a good nostalgia there.

That's it for this week's edition! Let me know your favorite webtoons, and what you think of Ranma ½!

This week I have a few blog posts to recommend, besides the usual music and what I've been watching and reading! #geekosaurNews

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