Geekosaur News 28: Books And New Merch Edition

Now with bullet points - because everything can be a PowerPoint

Trying a way simpler format - inspired by Don't @ Me from Shallow Dives in Anime. Just less focused here.

  1. Finished reading She is a Haunting. Pretty good!
    1. Now I want to watch some Vietnamese movies
  2. Started 6th Dresden Files book: Blood Rites, and also got The Anthropocene Reviewed on the library.
    1. Will probably return the Dresden Files book? It's a long series, and the books are not that short. Maybe instead I'll sub it with Durarara or another light novel, or even Perry Rhodan NEO.
    2. re: Perry Rhodan. I read quite a few of the original volumes in Portuguese, and I want to get back to that world. Since NEO is being officially published now, I wonder if I should start NEO.
  3. Wanna keep reading some manga too. And when I think about getting to the ones I'm already reading, or on my list, I add MORE things to my list.
    1. Like The Girl In The Arcade, shared by weebdeluxe on this lovely Mastodon thread
  4. Rent a girlfriend is going to receive a 3rd season. Season 1 was kinda fun, and the girls are cute, but I read a bit of the manga after that - and some people talking about the manga further in - and seems not only there's no progression, in terms of the MC character and also his relationship, but it moves backwards? It's a shame, it could have been a fun romcom.
  5. New merch/stuff:
    1. Bought a few 'open-box' blind boxes and a couple of new ones too. There's one that seems to be from a game/anime(?) that I'll probably will ask "the internet" to indentfy
    2. Also went to an anime/manga store and bought a Madoka (Pop-Up Parade), and a Kotobukiya model kit (Koyomi Takanashi - Dreaming Style True Sapphire).
    3. Assembling the model kit's going to be "fun" for someone with no motor skills
  6. The trailer for Silo is out. I’m SO hyped - check it below this list
    1. Got the trilogy on Kobo, at discount, after paying full price for the 3rd book on Amazon
    2. Want to read Dust (last book on the silo series) soon.

Madoka (source)

Koyomi Takanashi
Koyomi Takanashi

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