Geekosaur News 29: Reading, Instagram, Doodles and Essays

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  1. Reading The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green. It's a really nice on-fiction book, and love that it's all short essays about many different things. I'm halfway through it.
  2. Also, if you do have Instagram, I recommend following him and his brother, Hank Green. Love watching their reels, and I wish I could maybe do something similar. Maybe someday I start with some short essays here, and then move on to recording short videos?
  3. Another thing I really want to do - and this one I'm actually going to try - is to doodle tiny people when I go out. Fell in love with the profile SneakyArtist on instagram, and since I always wanted to try doodling, and I love just seeing people, I guess that's a nice thing to learn. Check their linktree
  4. Back to reading: I read a bunch of One-Punch Man this weekend. Nice to be back to it. The art is amazing, and the story is fun. Will catch up to it, and then go read something else.
  5. Since I'm reading OPM, I wonder if I should read or watch Mob Psycho 100. I watched the first episode a few weeks ago, but not sure if maybe the manga will be a better fit for me, since I haven't been watching a lot of TV alone lately - only with my wife.
  6. I'm excited/anxious/curious about Fujifilm's event on April. I wanna get a camera, and I'm interested in the x-t30ii, but it would be really cool if they announced the x-t40. I coooould get the x-t5, but even disconsidering the price increase, it's bigger and heavier. Let's see what happens.

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