Geekosaur News 22: Twitter, Comedy And More

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Yes, I’m watching Family Feud highlights on Youtube, and they are quite funny. How I Met Your Father is not so good, but just alright to watch when having lunch, since I’m a bit tired of Golden Girls.

I just got a Sony a6400, and now I started following some people on Instagram and Twitter that have the same camera (or any other in the a6xxx family). Of course, also joined r/sonyalpha


Twitter is working on an edit button. I know is a very requested feature for a long time, and I also kinda want it, but I see this going wrong in so many ways...

  1. Retweets are gonna be tricky if I’m not notified that something I RTd was updated
  2. Since my likes are advertised to everyone that follows me, that’s also a problem
  3. Of course someone will try to sell viral tweets at some point

Amy Schumer said she was going to take a month off from comedy following Will Smith’s slap because ‘that was too traumatizing’. And then she revealed that they didn’t let her make a joke about Alec Baldwin’s onset killing - the prop gun that was loaded with real ammo and ended up killing someone (twitter link). I’m still trying to understand how the slap was too much, but an actual killing is so chill that she can joke about that.

Also discovered that she’s going to be in the next season of Only Murders In The Building, and now I’m worrying about it being any good. The first season was AMAZING, but whyyyyy.

Blizzard removed the letter Z on the skins of Zarya, Overwatch’s Russian hero (twitter). Not that this makes us forget the Hong Kong incident, and sexual abuse lawsuit. After all, Blizzards changed one of Tracer’s victory poses because it was ‘too sexualizing’, and then we discovered all sexual harassment and sexism in the company. Now they are only doing this because maybe they don’t care much about Russia anyway, since if China was doing anything wrong, they would bend or get on their knees as requested.

Fun/Cool Stuff

I recommended Katie Mack’s twitter here recently, so let’s go with something that also applies to software development. Just change the minus signal to a ; or ,

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