Geekosaur News 23: Getting Older Is Tough, I Guess?

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Another week went by, and it went so fast. I had a 4 day weekend, but didn’t accomplish many of my ‘goals’, but at least I got to relax and go out with my wife to take pictures with our new camera and lenses.

Getting older is tough: I don’t know if it’s just the age showing, or what, but I used to be way more into ‘deeper’/’slower’ TV shows and books, but nowadays I’m basically watching Bob’s Burgers and reading One Piece and urban fantasy because anything else is just too much.

Too much to think about, too much energy to spend, but I guess too much commitment, I guess. I mean, a cartoon episode is 20 min long, and I can actually just watch half of it and leave the rest to continue later on, without any issues. Manga is also easy to read a little bit and stop any time, since chapters are usually short.

I still binge things like Servant and Severance with my wife, but I used to complement those with other TV shows that, even if they were not anything deep, but at least 45 min long. Now seems that is too much of a commitment.

Is this a result of getting older and general lack of energy and desire to engage in things? A bit of depression kicking in occasionally? Let’s see how it goes, so far it’s something that comes and goes.

Anime: I tried Crunchyroll to see if this time I would enjoy Love is War - I watched half of the first episode when the first season came out. But my TV doesn’t have Crunchyroll’s app, and their AirPlay doesn’t work? At least on my TV? So I guess for now I’ll try to decide on a live TV show, haha. Or maybe watch the cartoon version of The Boys, or the Critical Role show.

Photography: I got a Sony a6400 with 2 kit lenses, and also bought a Sigma 30mm F1.4. My wife wanted a camera for a long time, and I also have some interest in photography, so we ended up getting that. We already went out like 3 times to take pics, and so far we are enjoying it a lot. It’s awesome to have an excuse to go out and explore! We created an Instagram account for it: @sugarcoast_pics. We are going to slowly post things there, and I’ll also share things on my Twitter on this photography thread.

Taken with the Sigma 30mm - No edits, I swear!
Taken with the Sigma 30mm - No edits, I swear!

Wrapping Up!

Let’s see how this week goes for me. I’ll try to take and share more pics - and try to learn how to take better pics and how to properly use the camera - and also will focus again on learning German, and try to read some non-fiction book like I had planned for April (shared on this post). For now, getting back to playing trumpet will need to wait a bit. I’ll focus on those other things + exercising to see if I’ll have more energy going forward.

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Another week went by, and it went so fast #geekosaurNews

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