Starting Less New TV Shows For Now

Too many cool TV shows, too little time to watch all of them. Who else has this problem?

It's a common scenario for me: start a new TV show, watch it over a week or two, and then wait a whole year for the next season. But then when the next season arrives, you are already watching so many other new TV shows that you end up leaving it for later, but never go back to it.

52 paused, 120 abandoned. That's a lot!

On April I decided to organize my TV shows, and see which ones I'm waiting for new seasons, and which ones I have on pause (on completely abandoned). I also decided not to start many new TV shows for a while, trying to at least juggle between the ones that I stopped watching and the new shiny shows. I still have 4 episodes of Breaking Bad left to finish.

The main reason is obvious: don't leave so many shows that I truly enjoy unfinished. But there's also another perk of it, something that TRULY bother me with Western TV shows, which I liked with K-Dramas. It's the fact that so many western TV shows are either plain cancelled without a proper ending, or keep going way past their welcome (and might be cancelled anyway).

So many shows seemed interesting, but weren't renewed for a second (or third) season, and sometimes left a huge cliffhanger, or too many unanswered questions. If I spend a bit more time catching up with shows that might be having more success and getting renewed, then later I can decide if that new show is worth my time or not.

Kyle XY is the earliest example of this that I can remember: It literally ended with a guy saying I'm your father to the main character. Why did you do this to me? It was a fun show nonetheless, and it had Jamie Alexander in it, so I'm not completely complaining. But it's frustrating, of course.

How I feel not knowing what happens next!

So, I guess I'll try to balance more new shows vs ones I've already stated, trying not to leave way too many shows on hold. And as for new shows, I'll give a preference to the ones that I could watch the first season alone, without having to worry if a second doesn't come - or it's too bad I don't wanna watch.

The same thing I'll apply to anime and manga, because OMG THAT'S PILING UP.

Let me know in your replies which/how many shows, anime and manga you pused but never got back to!

Too many cool TV shows, too little time to watch all of them. Who else has this problem?