Geekosaur News #20: Games, Blog Migration and Nerd Comedy Standup

Time for another Geekosaur Weekly, were I share some news, thoughts and random links.

Thoughts and News

  1. River City Girls 2 is coming in 2022 and there's a new trailer on Twitter!! I'm very excited for it (even though I still need to finish the first game)
  2. Also, seems like Gex might be back? I remember playing Gex: Enter the Gecko on my PS1, and it was pretty cool.
  3. For those that don' get the hate on NFTs, there are some short explanations here. Yeah, it's pretty bad.
  4. There's a nice post on Animated Observations on seasonal anime: No, You Don’t Have To Watch Everything.
  5. Since I'm on the 3 month Kindle Unlimited trial, I decided to create a bookmarklet to help me see which books on my Amazon wishlist are eligible. Check it here.
  6. I'm thinking about possibly migrating this blog from Hugo to Eleventy. Maybe that'll be what I will be doing after I'm back home mid-January (tweet)
  1. Looney Tunes Will Never Die and That’s All, Folks!
  2. Why It’s So Hard to Accept Adaptations of Our Favourite Books



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