Friday Reads (Mar 3rd, 2023)

A couple days ago I started reading She Is A Haunting. I got it because it reminds me of Mexican Gothic, and it's set in Vietnam, which is very interesting. I love books that takes place in other countries (Mexican Gothic, Black Water Sister, etc.)

I'm halfway though - right at 50% - and I'm loving it so far.

Below are some quotes (maybe very small spoilers?)

This house was designed to make people feel small. I don't have to go close to know the pictures are old.

It isn't a journal, I'm sure of that, since Ba taught me - when I was seven - that it was naive to keep my secrets where people could read them.

There is no sixth bedroom.
Florence must've counted wrong when she was here. You couldn't be a prodigy in every subject, even if it's basic math. Shaking my head, I scroll down the website's mock-up, delete the extra paceholder, and face the master.

We haven't spoken since graduation. I should change the picture already, but I like seeing it. I just never know whether the memory will warm me up or break me in two.

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