Thoughts #1: Bye Disney+. If only people let it go of Netflix

A couple weeks ago I said goodbye to Disney+. It was alright while it lasted - not like, really great - and I won’t accept not being able to share with my sister, which uses it because of my nephew.

  1. Like, I was going to cancel a while ago, but since my nephew watched it all the time, I decided to keep.
  2. They do have a few interesting things, but most of the recent things I wanted to watch recently, like What We Do In The Shadows, Solar Opposites and Bob's Burgers, it arrives there after quite some delay.
  3. And I'm sure: all other streaming services will follow after the huge success this was for Netflix
  4. If only people let it go of Netflix for a short while, maybe that would have been avoided. But no... people can't stay even a month away from the content and catalog they always shit on, like drugs
  5. Like, people keep complaining that Netflix makes crappy content, that it doesn't renew their favorite shows, and that the catalog is crap. They also complain that there are too many streaming service. So it's hard for me to see how they can't think of any alternative besides paying for new Netflix accounts.

Question for readers: Do you still have Netflix and Disney+? Have you cancelled/plan to cancel streaming services that ban password sharing?

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