New mechanical keyboard: Dygma Raise

I’ve got a new keyboard and it’s fantastic! Let’s check my Dygma Raise split mechanical keyboard.

The reason I was looking for a split keyboard is that, for a long time, I’ve been having some pain on my right wrist. Being able to use type with my hands and arms in a more natural position should help, so I decided to go with it. I considered a Kinesis, Ergodox Ez, Moonlander, and Dygma, but in the end went with the Dygma, and I’m very happy.

The reasons:

  1. Can switch the switches, a must have that the Kinesis lacks;
  2. Staggered keyboard. Ortholinear might have been great, but it’s another thing to get used to, so…
  3. Thumb keys placement and ability to join the keyboard. Ergodox and Moonlander don’t have that

I got it with the Kailh Silent Brown switches - tactile 45g switches. I also ordered Kailh Silent Pinks along with the tenting kit, which should arrive December. The tenting kit is basically to incline the keyboard sideways, so my hands are not parallel with the desk.

So far so good, my pain really diminished, and it’s also really nice to be able to configure the keys and have multiple functions in each one.

Dygma Raise Keiboard

Thank you for reading and hope to see you again next time. Compliments and comments (insults as well) are welcome on Reddit, Twitter, and by email at [email protected]