My Old Blogs Names Part 1

In the latest Otakusphere, Iniksbane mentions how Moyatorium is their favorite name for a blog, which I kinda have to agree. Compared to all blog names I ever had, it's on a whole other level of coolness.

But I realized I also never talked about this title blog's domain, my previous ones, and my complete incompetency at coming up with a great decent name and sticking with it. So let's chat a bit about my blogging adventures through the decades.

I'm pretty old to blogging overall. Used Fotolog as a personal blogging tool for quite some time, posting personal updates, but also some writings that I occasionally did. At that time my fotolog was Shadow Gonoman, because Gonoman was a fake super-sentai squad that a friend invented. Then at some point I also created Baka Neko, which I used a few times to post my teenage hurty-feeling ramblings.

Fotolog was kinda neat. I had cool online friends and made - and posted - so many memories there

Doing a very quick check for Shadow Gonoman on Wayback Machine - which unfortunately didn't store the pics - got me to a guest post that a crush friend made there. Oh, the nostalgia!

I remember I also had Xanga and Posterous at some point, but only for a short while. Of course, I had multiple Tumblrs, on two different accounts. Some of them I can't remember my main name, as the account was deleted I think? Probably because the lack of use, or during the big Tumblr purge. Which is a shame, I don't like losing stuff - I hope my fotolog backup is safe and sound.

On Tumblr, it was too easy to have numerous 'blogs', and most being actually only used for 're-tumblr-ing' (?). I changed names occasionally, but what I had at the end for my main was Mais Ou Menos Util (More Or Less Useful). Apparently - according to my emails - one of my tumblr names was Mundane Utility, based on another with the same name, but in Portuguese. Which I think was also mine. Also had one that was Sharing Randomness.

Then, My Life Rhapsody was one that I used for personal stuff, and locked behind a password, used mostly for dumping pics and notes on whatever I was doing. And at some point I started Adventures In Good Taste to try to write a bit in English and practice. There were also some other small things that were short-lived there, only to share some things

Talking about Tumblr, there was a friend of mine that had one that translated as I Want Cheese - - that's quite an interesting title!

For a short while I also used Yahoo's Tumblr alternative (before Yahoo bought it), until they killed it, but it was very brief.

I think my most successful and long lasting blog were on Blogger/Blogspot, and the I moved to Wordpress, and to Hugo, and back to Wordpress, and Hugo again. But that's something for the next post 🙂

List so far:

  • Shadow Gonoman
  • Baka Neko
  • More Or Less Useful
  • Sharing Randomness
  • Adventures In Good Taste
  • My Life Rhapsody

Hope you liked this trip down my memory lane, and hope to see you in the next part!

I realized I also never talked about this title blog's domain, my previous ones, and my complete incompetency at coming up with a decent name and sticking with it.