Missing A Blogging Community

I kinda miss the days I was on Blogger/Blogspot. Used to have one blog for comics, and another for random geek stuff.

It was nice how, specially on the comics blog, we had a nice little community of small blogs, and just kept commenting on each other blogs.

I know there's still this on Wordpress, but for some reason I was not able to get the same connection folks had on blogspot. Maybe it's a platform thing, or culture?

The comics blog was for Disney and Brazilian comics, in Portuguese, and on Wordpress it was mostly anime. But I'm not sure if it's just that the blogs I commented on were "bigger", or just more focused on posting than being a community.

Of course, I have basically been using this blog here as a place to dump some updates, and haven't been much involved. Will try to be more involved in some community from now on.

I guess I'm open for suggestions for small geek blogs. Send me suggestions in the comments - click below for Mastodon, Reddit or email. You can also reach me on Twitter. Also check my post where I talk a bit about my blogging past: My Old Blog Names Part 1

I kinda miss the days I was on Blogger/Blogspot #blogging

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