Mid-April Reading Check

Earlier this month I shared my reading goals for April 2022 (see it here). I defined goals for books (fiction and non-fiction) and also manga (not a ‘goal’ though, since I didn’t specify how many chapters).

Any way, most of my reading this month so far has been for manga: I’ve read 240 chapters of One Piece! I’m currently in the Skypiea arc, but it’s probably time to start taking it easy, unless I want to miserably fail at my book goals, haha.

But it was not a bad month so far, I was just busier and with less energy for books, as I mentioned in the last Geekosaur News. Also, I wasn’t planning on getting involved in photography, and investigating which camera and lens to get, trying to find it - and then going out for photo walks - takes time, but was very enjoyable.

This is how much I read on the past couple weeks

I think it’s alright everything considered. But I’ll make some effort for the rest of the month!

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Let’s have a look at how I’m doing so far this month regarding my reading goals! #reading

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