Manga Reading: Mid-Year Check

Shonen Jump app + One Piece and an iPad is a dangerous combination

Just doing a quick check on what I’ve read so far this year in terms on manga and comics!

According to my stats - as you can see below - I’ve hit 100 volumes so far! And this is probably still missing a few volumes that don’t have the date set, or which I read chapters on Shonen Jump but didn’t add the corresponding volumes because I either forgot, or it is not listed on GoodReads yet. I’ll check those later on.

Much reading, such manga. WOW

Let’s start with what’s right here on the screenshot: One Piece! This year I finally went ahead and decided to start reading One Piece again. I first started it many years ago back in Brazil (I guess like… 20 years ago?), but stopped when the publisher stopped, and only tried restarting it again at some point like 7 or 8 years ago.

Now I’m just 1 chapter shy of finishing volume 70 - chapter 700! It’s great that everything is available on the Shonen Jump app and I don’t even have to go to the library to pick more volumes.

Also, I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo (or some), and I think I probably going to get a Chopper :)

Next I have Sakamoto Days and Kaiju No 8. Both were kinda binged up to chapter 54. For Kaiju No 8 I actually read it in just 1 day. In both cases, it seemed like a good place to stop, and wait a bit for them to wrap the story arcs that were starting there. I should be reading more Sakamoto Days soon.

Mieruko-chan I’m basically reading as they release the volumes, and I read the latest Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid volume available. Have to read the spin-offs at some point!

Gal Gohan is a manga that I’ve seen recommended a few times, specially for those interested in a Gal manga, and decided to read it. It’s pretty fun, although focuses on fanservice, so beware :)

And for last, I’ve read a volume of GTO: Paradise Lost and also The Sacred Blacksmith as they were available on Kindle Unlimited, and I was in the trial. Also read the first half of The Woods with that trial (the latter volumes were not included, but I still wanna read them at some point)

I also read One Punch Man and some newer Spy x Family chapters, but I still need to add the volumes to GoodReads. If you wanna check my read list at any point, it’s all here on the blog (link), and you can also add me on GoodReads (Falcon) and AniList (FalconSensei)

Just doing a quick check on what I’ve read so far this year in terms on manga and comics!