I'm Playing Animal Crossing

Over a month ago, me and my wife got a Nintendo Switch to play Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So far we are having a good time!

The Island

We named the island Sugar Coast, which is ironic considering I have diabetes, and our fruit is peach. We recently got the building app, and I already started changing a few elevations. I'll share it when it looks a bit better :)

She's the resident representative, although I've played way more than her (including with her character). It would be nice to be able to change who's boss, but I guess besides building bridges/inclines, I'm not missing anything. And when I want to do that, I just need to switch for her profile.


We started with Diva and Mott, then added Kitt, Prince and Wendy. And for the K. K. show, we added Henry, Admiral and Rudy. My next Animal Crossing post will be about their locations :)

Random Pics and Moments

Here are a few screenshots and pictures I've shared on Twitter since I started playing.

Nice 'cute victorian' vibe here

Random wife's char pic. LOOK AT THAT FACE

It's very convenient that I don't need to go to my bedroom to get changed. But WTF?

Just having a nice virtual walk around. That's her house on the last pic.