Geekosaur Weekly #8: Model Trains and Bluegrass

I’m here again with another Geekosaur Weekly! This is a shorter edition, due to a very busy week, and some elbow and wrist pain today. But there’s still good things to check here, so keep reading!


Today we have some bluegrass with Aoife O’Donovan, Sarah Jarosz and Sara Watkins. I’m was only familiar with Sarah Jarosz, but I think this trio presentation was quite nice! Good vibes and relaxing for the weekend.

Article: ‘A Perfect World’ Around Every Miniature Bend

The NY Times has a nice article about miniature trains, which it very worth having a look: link here. I don’t have the patience, steady hand and creativity necessary to do anything regarding model trains/ships/figures. But I do like to look at it! That reminds me a bit of an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine where Holt and Terry are arguing what is better wen building those maps: focusing on realism or fun. I’d say both are nice!

Even better than the article, is this 5 min video that shows a German model railway. It has SO much cool things.

There’s also a great article about Miniatur Wonderland here: link here.


I continue watching Star vs the Forces of Evil, but I also started watching Sex Education on Netflix, and I’m already midway through season 2. I have watched the last 3 episodes (of season 2) with my wife a year or so ago, and it was pretty fun and binge-able.

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this shorter edition and wish everyone a great week(end).