Geekosaur News #6: Don't Overthink, Just Do It!

February is now ended, and March is here. Definitely looking forward to a better weather, warmer and with more sunlight!


Today, we have mxmtoon's Dawn/Dusk album. Quite a pleasant music to listen to while writing this newsletter!

Thought: Just Do It

No, this is not a post about self esteem and believing in yourself. I'm here to talk about not over-planning and over-thinking, but instead focusing on what you want to do.

If you didn't notice, I don't use Wordpress for my blog, I use Hugo, a static-site generator. One of the internal jokes about SSGs is that most blogs and blog posts on sites built with them is about how the site was moved to a SSG. And then nothing more.

This is mostly due to most users being technical (software developers, for instance), so tinkering with the technology behind the site gets too interesting and we end up forgetting about actually writing the posts. The ones that actually succeed in writing more posts are the ones that swear they are not going to make any further changes to the blog. And that actually works.

I think the time I was most productive with blogging was on my Blogspot days. I had a blog about trumpet, and one about comic books - both in Portuguese. After that, I was most productive when I was on - and not when I was hosting my own Wordpress on Amazon.

I saw many discussions on Reddit and Hacker News about that - in a blog scenario, but also with notebooks and todo lists. People start using Notion as a note taking and organizational tool, but spend far more time making it look cool, than in the end, it's not actually very productive.

So, my advice for anything you want to do: just do it. Then you slowly iterate on it and make the process better. Want to learn a new language, to play an instrument, write a book? My advice is: spend way more time practicing, studying, and learning how to write and writing down your ideas, instead of finding sources, apps and reading posts about it. It's GREAT to find inspiration online, but don't forget your goal.

Article: On Social Media & Content Creation

Rose (from Wretched And Divine) has a nice post on social media and content creation. I agree with her views on that, and think everyone should read it and think a bit about it. On Social Media And Content Creation!

Article: Jon’s Creator Showcase (Jan. 2021)

Zenith shared a showcase of January's content around our community on the internet/blogosphere. I'm happy to have the first edition of Geekosaur Weekly on it. Also, the post feature the author's thoughts on each linked post, so it's not just a link dump, but a great read! It sure added many posts to my read list, which I hope I can go through this weekend. Check it here


This week I continued reading Mythos, by Stephen Fry. I read around 3 hours, and I'm a little over 40% of the book. I think I'm going to pause it for a week, to read more manga and also continue reading Bad Faith (The Dragon Lords #3) by Jon Hollins.

Other Updates

Last Sunday I put on a couple shelves on my home office, to display some books and Funkos. There's also a cool Inuyasha poster. What do you think about it? Looks good?

The Einstein Funko is new, along with Rei and a Dalek. Check the twitter thread below to see me unboxing them!

That's it for today's issue, hope you all enjoyed it!

February is now ended, and March is here. Definitely looking forward to a better weather, warmer and with more sunlight! #geekosaurNews

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rose🌹 rose🌹

Thanks for mentioning my post!! Your home office shelf set up look very nice!! I love Edgar Allan Poe. Those Saitama and Inuyasha artworks look very cool. XD source

Falcon | Geekosaur 🍥 Falcon | Geekosaur 🍥

Ohhh, no problem. And thanks!!! Always trying to improve the office a little bit xD source