Geekosaur News #4: What's regret? Anime bingos, ditching RSS for emails, and more

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This weekend let's groove to some Hayley Williams, Paramore's singer who is doing some great songs in her solo career.


My wife started watching Start-Up, a Korean drama that ended recently, and it's available on Netflix. I've bee watching most of it with her, and seems entertaining enough.

I'm not watching it yet, but Sisyphus: The Myth premiered on Netflix, with weekly episodes (2 per week). Im going to wait a bit, as I don't do that well with ongoing shows. The drama has Park Shin-hye in it (The Call, Memories of Alhambra, Pinocchio), so of course I'm going to give it a try.


This week I started the last book in the The Dragon Lords trilogy by Jon Hollins (Goodreads Link). But I didn't read much, barely 1 hour. Probably compensating that last week I read a lot every day.

On the bright side, I read a little bit of Fire Force, a manga that I stopped a couple months ago. Lets see if I can make more time for manga starting from now.

Thought: What's regret?

The profile Aliens About Humans has an interesting explanation about regret.

Ditching RSS feeds for emails

This week I saw this link and discussion on Hacker News: Kill the Newsletter – Convert email newsletters into Atom feeds. There's a nice discussion of people going both ways: from RSS to email and from email to RSS. In the end, I decided to start switching from RSS to email.

The reasons are kinda simple:

  1. I forget to check my Feedly. Email is on my email, so as long as I create filters to put tem on a separate folder (easy by using [email protected]), everything will be neatly organized;
  2. Less limiting for me: with Feedly, any features are only available for paid users. To be fair, I don't need so many fancy things, but one thing that definitely makes a difference is that article only stay there for 30 days. While it's true that I will probably not read articles that I didn't read in 30 days, having it permanently in my inbox is less pressure.

Of course, I miss some good displaying for the articles, with featured images, but still, I think this might be good in the end.


John Spencer and Nabe-chan posted some cool anime bingos on Twitter. I didn't complete them though. Am I a normie?

We also got to see Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil! I'm excited for it and I hope it's good, as 101 Dalmatians was part of my childhood and I loved both live and animated versions.

That's it for this week's edition, wish everyone a great weekend!

Another weekly updates, thoughts, music and internet things! #geekosaurNews

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