Geekosaur News #15: TV Shows And Games

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Another busy week at work, but now things will settle down for a while. And while I wasn’t much online this week - being away from the computer when not working - I did enjoy some great TV shows on stream.

I think starting next week I can start having content recommendations and comments again :)


New Shows

If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me mentioning Central Park and Dickinson a few times. They are both AppleTv+ originals, and since we got a free year, I decided to give them a try.

Central Park has one season out, and another coming soon. It’s a musical comedy cartoon about a rich old woman trying to buy Central Park to transform it into condos, and the main characters are the family of the park’s manager. The first episode is nice, but it gets way better and addicting after it. Definitely worth the time, and I’m excited for the next season

And Dickinson is a historical drama-comedy about Emily Dickinson. I like the approach they used, in what it takes place in the correct time period, but the characters talk - and sometimes act - in a more contemporary fashion. This makes the comedy elements work way better, and it also gives a better sense of relatability for the general audience. It’s very binge-able, and actually hard to stop watching! Also, the show definitively sparked more interest in poetry.

New seasons

Lucifer is back! And from Friday up to now I already watched like, 5 episodes, which is a lot for me. This new (part of a) season is fun, and it was worth the wait. Ragnarok is back with its 2nd season, and the first episode was nice!


Played a bit of Bomberman Online on Switch and it was alright, but what I’m really excited for is Virtua Fighter on PS4! I loved playing it with my friends on PS2 and PS3, and I think it’s the best 3D fighter franchise.

Thank you for reading and hope to see you again next time. Compliments and comments (insults as well) are welcome on Reddit, Twitter, and by email at [email protected]