Geekosaur News #12: Books, Manga And More

Warm and sunny Sunday here for me, and I wish everyone is having a great weekend.


I already shared Raon Lee previously here quite some time ago, but here I go again! Her Digimon cover is fantastic, and the has so many great content. I suggest just listening to all her covers.

Online Content

Cari is a vlogger that lives in South Korea, but also has a separate channel about books. This video is great as it has STANDALONE fantasy recommendations. That's so welcome, specially if you want to read some fantasy, but get turned off by the usual commitment of at least 3 books.


I'm still reading Ranma 1/2, and recently finished the 3rd omnibus (vols. 5 & 6), and got the 4th omnibus, with the 5th coming up anytime soon (Amazon doesn't have a delivery date yet). It's being fun and lighthearted, kind of a cozy harem/fighting manga.

Also, after seeing a post about Mieruko-chan on Irina's blog and the comments section, I decided to give it a go, and also test my wife's iPad to read. The first volume is fun, but it leaves the impression that it could get repetitive soon. But the comments I've seen say that it gets better and changes from a comedy manga to a more compelling mystery and horror blend. I'll get the second volume soon and see how it goes!


I'm back at reading Mythos by Stephen Fry, and a little bit of Gods of Jade and Shadow by Silvia Moreno-Garcia.


Besides My Hero Academia and My Wife and Kids, I'm not watching anything. The 3rd and final season of Ducktales was supposed to be released on Disney+ on April 30th, but didn't show up here (Canada). I'm not sure about which show or anime to start (or continue) now, and there are so many movies (live and anime) that I just don't know what to watch. Also, I get too lazy to watch something for almost 2 hours 😂

Personal Updates

I started a daily tweet thread on Twitter. Although I might not post on some days, the goal is to have sort of a simple journal/diary. I did that back in 2017 on Mastodon, and recently stumbled upon it, and was nice to have those memories there. I tried journaling in Notion previously, but I ended up abandoning it. I think Twitter's interactions and convenience to post might be an incentive to do it more regularly. With that being said, I intend to try using Notion again for more detailed and private notes, while keeping the short tweets there.

This week me and my wife repotted our plants to new self-watering pots with water level indicators. Our living room feels so cozy now. We also have a terrarium.

That's it for this week. Hope you enjoyed and leave a comment if you have manga suggestions, any comments on Mieruko chan, or just anything to mention :D

I'll leave you with another Digimon cover by Raon Lee

Warm and sunny Sunday here for me, and I wish everyone is having a great weekend. #geekosaurNews

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