Geekosaur News 35: Reddit Boycott, Alternatives, Less Social Media?

I guess Reddit dying can be a good change in our lives?

Soooo... after Twitter, now it's Reddit's time to go down in flames. And again, some people try to flock to some alternatives.

  1. The alternatives are still small, and yes, a lot of subreddits are still going. I guess what's going to happen is similar to Twitter, where the enshitification is going to lead to a few waves of people migrating as new changes are announced or service deteriorates
  2. I don't think the impact is going to be as big as it was for Twitter, at least for now. Maybe if a lot of communities start having trouble because the bots they relied on stop working... We'll see.
  3. The main alternative mentioned is Lemmy/Kbin. I signed up on, a Lemmy instance that DOES NOT HAVE DOWNVOTES. And that's amazing. Downvotes is something I actually always hated on Reddit, and I'm happy to be somewhere I'n not going to ever see them.
  4. Being from the forum's days, I wouldn't mind also changing to using forums instead. The now-going-to-be-defunct DPReview has a nice forum interface that allowed you to see conversations either threaded or chronological. (and no downvotes)
  5. And I guess there's also a last option, which is a mental health and sanity opportunity I guess... be less online. Use the time to read or watch something instead, practice music, whatever.
  6. Which is an option that people sometimes really need to consider: do you actually benefit from jumping to a Reddit's alternative? Do you need, or is it good for you to spend this much time online discussing w/ strangers that don't even know you?
  7. Like... on Twitter or Mastodon, I can focus on chatting with a few people, and kinda of getting to know them, or even become online friends. Now with Reddit... many times you don't even know if you already interacted with that person or not, so there's no connection being made.

Question for readers: are you migrating to Lemmy, kbin or something else? Boycotting Reddit in any way? Do you have any forum suggestions for me?

Soooo... after Twitter, now it's Reddit's time to go down in flames. And again, some people try to flock to some alternatives. #geekosaurNews #socialMedia

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Michael Chrisco :rootaccess:

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Michael Chrisco :rootaccess: Michael Chrisco :rootaccess:

@falcon I like I've had a good time so far on it, and it's kept me off reddit. source

Falcon Falcon

@michaelc nice! After like a week, I was finally able to also create a user there. I guess I'll do like w/ mastodon: have a main user on one instance, and a secondary on a big instance just for discoverability (like here I use for searching occasionally) source

Michael Chrisco :rootaccess: Michael Chrisco :rootaccess:

@falcon that sucks on the delay. I got lucky on a weekend, but it is a volunteer instance. I was thinking of contributing on the code base at some point but don't know too much about rust. Hope your two users config works out! Im hoping they implement transferring accounts like we do on mastodon. source