Geekosaur News 34: Back from vacation, K-Pop and K-Dramas

Back From Vacation

I'm back from vacation, and back to a more normal routine - before our trip, my wife and I were busy with preparations and other stuff. Now we have a huge amount of pictures to go through and maybe post on our instagrams (I'm posting some street photography on @geekosaur_photo).

Buying K-Pop Albums

On the trip, I bought 3 k-pop albums: IU's 5th Album 'Lilac' (HILAC Version), Taeyeon's Purpose (beige version) and Red Velvet's The Red Summer. (should have bought more, but I wasn't sure it was going to fit in our luggage)

Then, after we returned, I ended up buying Le Sserafim's Unforgiven (Dewy Sage version). I almost bought GFriends' Song of The Sirens, but they didn't have the Broken Room version, which I liked the photobook more.

I posted a couple unboxing videos on my TikTok (that's the only thing I posted so far there): Red Velvet, Taeyeon.

Language Learning

During our trip, I ended up deciding to stop studying German, and to start Korean instead. Already wanted to learn it so long ago, and I think it's going to be more useful in the shorter/medium term.

Also, harder for me to integrate German in my day-to-day, since there's not a lot of shows/comics/news/etc that I could keep in touch with the culture. While for Korean, I do enjoy the dramas, k-pop, and follow some idols on Instagram, etc, and am more interested in food/general culture


My wife and I watched American Born Chinese on Disney+, and we enjoyed it! We are also back to watching From on Paramount+ and it continues to be great!!! Yellowjackets on the other hand has being feeling more like a chore... we didn't even watch the season finale yet - it aired this past weekend.

American Born Chinese Actress Making Disappointed Face
Me, full of excitement with Yellowjackets

By myself, I'm watching Signal, a Korean drama that I watched the first episode a few years ago but ended up not following through at that moment. Not I'm halfway through and enjoying it a lot!


I've been listening to a bit more k-pop recently. Today I was checking this playlist by G Nitro on Youtube. I'm dumping some that I liked below!

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