Geekosaur News 33: Addicted to a TV show, starting new manga, Disney new TCG

Wizard Mickey is here with some news!
Wizard Mickey is here with some news!


After I finished From on Paramount+, I started Evil and... kinda got addicted to it? In less than a week I'm already halfway though season 2. That's very unlike me.

I'm feeling like I should be watching Schmigadoon! so it hopefully gets renewed for a season 3 but... I just wanna keep watching Evil.

On another note, Silo is going to start streaming on AppleTV May 5th, and I'm really excited for it. I loved the first 2 books so much! Maybe I'll finally start the last book in the trilogy.


I started 2 new manga on Shonen Jump: Tenmaku Cinema and Gokurakugai. I didn't get much invested in Tenmaku Cinema, but let's see how it goes. I'll probably read until chapter 4 or 5, and then decide if I'm following it.

Gokurakugai had an interesting first chapter, and the second was still good enough. Will catch up - there are 7 available now - and see if I'm still interested.

Apart from that, haven't been reading much manga this past week or 2. But I wanna catch up to Nagatoro, and then go back to One Piece, maybe read the next arc/saga: Whole Cake Island.


I was not aware, but Disney is releasing a TCG called Lorcana, which should be competing with Magic, Pokemon, etc. I'm not fan of Disney as a company but... c'mon, I just need that Robin Hood card.

The cards look great, and I guess one of the advantages is that the game is likely going to be way simpler than what Magic turned out to be. I just hope it doesn't end up being kinda ruined by an adult fanbase like Pokemon.

Maybe my wife will be interested and this is something we could play together. Otherwise, not sure I would end up playing it. But I'll probably buy a deck or booster anyway just to have it.

I guess I got addicted to a Paramount+ TV show. Also reading some new manga and interested in the new Disney TCG #geekosaurNews #disney #streaming #manga #shonenJump

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