Geekosaur News 32: Fighting games, anime music, and watching a cool new TV show

The Updates

  1. Music: I didn't watch the Crunchyroll Awards - and it's not like I really care - but saw that Lost In Paradise was performed, and had to check it out.
  2. TV: Watched From on Paramount+. Finished the 1st season today, and I'm excited already for the 2nd season, which will start on April 23rd.
  3. Since I got the 7 day trial for the Paramount+ channel on Prime Video, I think I'm going to give another show a try. Possible shows: Evil, School Spirits or Walker Independence
  4. Games: A friend of mine sent me the new Tekken 8's Ling Xiaoyu Gameplay Trailer. That really makes me wanna play it but... I guess what I really miss is going to his apartment and playing in person with our group.
  5. Also, I haven't been playing videogames at all. Like, it's really been a low priority, and I've been trying to find folks to play boardgames/ttrpgs in person as a way to play
  6. I could do the same and find people to play Tekken in person but... since I hurt my hand 6 years ago, it hasn't been the same and it hurts when I play, specially something more demanding like a fighting game.
    1. I remember when they added the 'new' Virtua Fighter for PS4. Played for a night or two, but ended up with hand/wrist pain for a few days.
  7. Catan's game creator died this week. And whether you like it or not, you can't ignore how important it was - and still is - for the boardgame community and boardgames' evolution.

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Lost In Paradise performance

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Tekken 8 Ling Xiaoyu Gameplay Trailer

Have been watching From on Paramount+, and wanting to go back to playing fighting games? #geekosaurNews

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