Geekosaur News 30: Wrapping Up Books And Shows

  1. Servant: Finished watching Servant, which is on AppleTV. It has been one of he shows I've ben most fond of recently, and while I'm sad it's gone, it's nice that they won't be dragging it.
    1. Really cool song playing on the last episode. Added it embed below :)
    2. Seems people are divided on the ending, and while I agree with a couple specific things about the last episode or two (a couple things being rushed/etc), I don't think the finale was bad for not answering all our questions. That's how all those suspense/horror shows and movies works.
  2. Other shows: Ted Lasso is back, and I'll probably be watching it as it release, as well as Yellowjackets, which is coming back in a few days. And then there's the 2nd (and last) season of Carnival Row, which I think I'll watch soon.
  3. Books: Finished The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green, and it's fantastic. I highly recommend. It's a bunch of essays.
    1. I wonder what I'm going to read next. Start Durarara? Pick up another non-fiction book (The Big Picture by Sean Carroll)? IDK
    2. Today I received The Mountain by Laura Ding-Edwards. It's a book that contains this poem[1], which a few weeks ago I saw a reading by Stage Door Johnny on Instagram[2].
  4. One-Punch Man: I've been reading One-Punch Man, and accidentally discovered the volume releases have new drawing, and even some changes to story/dialogue. Now I want to go back and re-read the current arc I'm in - the monster association.
    1. Not sure what I'm going to read now that I'm catching up to volumes. I guess maybe I'll read a couple volumes of Mob Psycho 100
  5. Standup Comedy: Still watching occasional standup comedy to relax. Although I think soon I will start watching some cartoon/anime or TV show instead. Sharing a few I liked below.

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Wrapping Up Books And Shows #geekosaurNews

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