Geekosaur News 25: TV, Pathfinder, German

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A short one, but let's see if I can keep it alive at least!


My Analog Journal always have a great set for me to share. This time, some Caribbean disco, funk and soul!

Pathfinder 2e

My core rulebook for Pathfinder 2e arrived on Friday, and Guns & Gears is on the way. This Monday I ended up deciding to also get the Advanced Player's Guide, because why not?


This past week I watched That 90's Show with my wife and, while it's nothing great, it's entertaining enough for us to watch while eating something, and just disconnect a bit. Now we might end up watching That 70's Show, or try to find something else.

There's also Servant, but we are 1 episode behind already. We were tired and not in the mood for that this weekend, so I guess next weekend we'll watch 2 episodes. If you never watched it, give it a try. It's SO good!!

Studying German

Recently I got to 900+ words/sentences on Speakly, and got to the Intermediate level there. So happy! I know it's just a language app, and there's still A LOT to learn, but it's nice to see that I've been able to get some passive vocabulary at least.

Watching TV, interested in Pathfinder, and studying German #geekosaurNews

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