Geekosaur News 24: Music, Obsidian and Pathfinder

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Wow, last time I wrote this 'newsletter' was April 2022, when I got my Sony a6400. Time definitely flies!


I just love Poly-Ritmo's Brazilian music mixes, and here's a really cool new one!


I have started using Obsidian instead of Notion for most things, and this weekend I also officially migrated from using Notion to using Obsidian for my book notes - I mean, I still use GoodReads for status tracking, but now I export everything to markdown files inside my personal Obsidian vault. That seems to be working fine. I'll make a post later on with a couple iOS shortcuts that I use with Obsidian

Moving from D&D5e to Pathfinder 2e

One of the big news/focuses now for nerd folks is how badly Wizards of the Coast is screwing up with the new OGL. While I haven't been playing since I moved to Canada, I was meaning to return, but this news also gave me a reason to go with Pathfinder instead.

So, I went out and bought the Pathfinder 2e rulebook - the paperback version, since it's cheaper and more portable. Maybe will also end up getting other books later on. Even though I don't have any group to play right now, it might be an incentive to finally make some friends in the city and also go back to this hobby.

Legal Eagle made a cool video about the lawyer PoV of this issue. But I guess regardless of OGL being necessary or not, and what happens with D&D in the future, it just shows us not to trust WotC, and just go to Paizo or any other publisher for TTRPGs.

If you (like me) are new to Pathfinder, check these class summaries:

Some nice tweets on this (links in the image captions)

I NEED to play this|
I NEED to play this (source)

Excellent thread about how the community is awesome|
Excellent thread about how the community is awesome (source)

OMG, a goose-hydra?|
OMG, a goose-hydra? (source)

Ranger is back on table!|
Ranger is back on table! (source)

Some music, moving to Obsidian and to Pathfinder #geekosaurNews

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