Geekosaur News #17: Dickinson is back, I'm lazy, and also some cool things

It's been a while since we had any Geekosaur News, so let's see some updates and cool things.


Got an Amazon gift card from at work and of course, I used it to buy weeb stuff: the My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising OST. It looks BEAUTIFUL!

Also got some cool snacks at T&T. The green tea pumpkin seeds are real nice, and also the lime Lay's. I still have to try the rest.

I'm feeling lazy and like not knowing what to do. I'm still reading The Lighthouse Witches and watching Seinfeld, and also started the new season of Dickinson - which is AMAZING - but besides that, everything feels like a meh.

I started the last season of Big Mouth, but didn't finish the first episode. It's still as good as usual, I think, but I'm just not in the mood maybe?


I love both Cari's channels: her main vlog channel about her life in Korea, and also her book channel, Care Can Read. Here she talk a bit about coming back to books after not having time because of college and work. Also talks about Murakami, popular series and book tropes.

Random Stuff

Designs from Kimono Pattern Books (ca. 1902)

Designs from Kimono Pattern Books (ca. 1902)

The Public Domain Review

These designs capture a period of cultural change in Japan, when the kimono became increasingly associated with national mythmaking and tradition.

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