Friday Finds 1 (Jan. 27, 2023)

My TBR is giving me the side-eye

A long time and a few blogs ago, I used to post Friday Finds, a tag where people posted cool new things they found. Mostly used for new titles that people discovered and added to their TBR list.

So, here are some books that I saw this week and got interested in. Except for the first one, all were seen in my last visit to the bookstore. The first I saw someone mentioning online, and it's still in pre-order.

The Lake House (Sarah Beth Durst)

I've read Drink, Slay, Love many years ago, and it's still a book that I will occasionally remember. So, when I saw that the same author was doing a "Yellowjackets meets One of Us Is Lying" fantasy book, I got instantly interested. I'm not big on YA, but I'll keep an eye on this one. Or maybe even pre-order the print edition since it looks GORGEOUS.

The Lake House

Yellowjackets meets One of Us Is Lying in this masterful survival thriller from award-winning author Sarah Beth Durst. Claire’s grown up triple-checking locks. Counting her steps. Second-guessing every decision. It’s just how she’s wired—her worst-case sc


Wild And Wicked Things (Francesca May)

Great Gatsby but as sapphic gothic horror? I'm in! This was on Indigo's Staff Picks selection, and I actually saw this book a while ago there, but this renewed my interest. Probably going to get it :)

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May: Book Review

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May is a deliciously dark and witchy sapphic gothic horror and historical fantasy novel that was heavily influenced by The Great Gatsby. On Crow Island, people t…

Unseelie (Ivelisse Housman)

Took a pic because of the real nice cover, but I just saw that it has an autistic character, and it's written by an autistic writer. AND it's a duology. Did I ever tell you how much I hate that everything is a trilogy or longer series, and how much duologies needs more love?

This is so cool!! *adds it to store cart

Unseelie - Ivelisse Housman - Hardcover

The start of a swoony, high-energy duology that Emily Lloyd-Jones, author of The Bone Houses, calls “reminiscent of classic fairytales yet brimming with a…

HarperCollins Canada

Monstrous Heart (Claire McKenna)

My wife pointed those 3 BEAUTIFUL covers at the bookstore. And seems to blend a bunch of stuff that I'm into. Also, good to read something on sea/water, instead of on land.

Trying to go back to the Friday Finds tag, and share interesting books or other things I added to my list #Books #FridayFinds

Trying to go back to the Friday Finds tag, and share interesting books or other things I added to my list

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