Friday Finds 1 (Jan. 27, 2023)

My TBR is giving me the side-eye

A long time and a few blogs ago, I used to post Friday Finds, a tag where people posted cool new things they found. Mostly used for new titles that people discovered and added to their TBR list.

So, here are some books that I saw this week and got interested in. Except for the first one, all were seen in my last visit to the bookstore. The first I saw someone mentioning online, and it's still in pre-order.

The Lake House (Sarah Beth Durst)

I've read Drink, Slay, Love many years ago, and it's still a book that I will occasionally remember. So, when I saw that the same author was doing a "Yellowjackets meets One of Us Is Lying" fantasy book, I got instantly interested. I'm not big on YA, but I'll keep an eye on this one. Or maybe even pre-order the print edition since it looks GORGEOUS.

The Lake House

Yellowjackets meets One of Us Is Lying in this masterful survival thriller from award-winning author Sarah Beth Durst. “Formidably scary, Durst’s survival/horror story is the stuff of late-night campfire legends. With three deftly drawn, powerful girls at the center, reading fe


Wild And Wicked Things (Francesca May)

Great Gatsby but as sapphic gothic horror? I'm in! This was on Indigo's Staff Picks selection, and I actually saw this book a while ago there, but this renewed my interest. Probably going to get it :)

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May: Book Review · The Lesbian Review

Wild and Wicked Things by Francesca May is reviewed here. Our review includes what we did and didn’t like and an excerpt to show writing

The Lesbian Review

Unseelie (Ivelisse Housman)

Took a pic because of the real nice cover, but I just saw that it has an autistic character, and it's written by an autistic writer. AND it's a duology. Did I ever tell you how much I hate that everything is a trilogy or longer series, and how much duologies needs more love?

This is so cool!! *adds it to store cart

Unseelie - Ivelisse Housman - Hardcover

The start of a swoony, high-energy duology that Emily Lloyd-Jones, author of The Bone Houses, calls “reminiscent of classic fairytales yet brimming with a…

HarperCollins Canada

Monstrous Heart (Claire McKenna)

My wife pointed those 3 BEAUTIFUL covers at the bookstore. And seems to blend a bunch of stuff that I'm into. Also, good to read something on sea/water, instead of on land.

Monstrous Heart (The Deepwater Trilogy, Book 1)

A sensational debut novel: gothic, romantic gaslamp fantasy at it’s very best. A magical tale of intrigue on dangerous waters and a love story for the ages. Perfect for fans of V.E. Schwab and China Mieville Arden Beacon arrives in the salt-swept port of Vigil with a job to do. Tasked with using th


Trying to go back to the Friday Finds tag, and share interesting books or other things I added to my list #books #fridayFinds

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