Finished Control Game

After so many months without playing it, and then some time trying to beat it, I finally completed Control's main story.

A couple weeks ago I got stuck in the last battle, and after dying many times I stopped playing it for a while. A bit because of the frustration, but also because I got Fall Guys on PS4, and a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing and Streets of Rage 4. Then this week I decided to give it another try, and was pleasantly surprised with an update that added assist options.

So, I added auto-aim, immortality and 1 shot kill, finished the last battle - which is nothing special anyway - and finished the game. Now I can finally play the othe side missions, and then at some point get the 2 DLCs :)

But first, I still have Streets of Rage 4 to beat on Switch, and today I got Detroit: Become Human and Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4. I also have Uncharted: Lost Legacy on my list to play, to let's see when I'll be focusing again on the world of Control!