Checking Your Anime Recs And Favorites (Oct. 2021)

Let’s just talk a little bit about anime and manga titles I’ve seen being recommended or talked about on the anime blogosphere.

Irina had a very nice list of anime and manga about anime. What’s not to love about that? The 2nd position in the list is Shirobako, which I love, and still have to watch the movie. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken is a recent title that also caught my attention when it was airing, but I ended up forgetting about it. Maybe it’s time to finally watch it.

Dewbond at Shallow Dives wrote a review of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S, which I had to skip some parts as I didn’t finish it yet. It’s strange to not want to see spoilers, considering I’m almost caught up with the manga. Anyway, this is one of my fav. anime/manga, and you should watch it!

Also, I’ve seen Mother of Goddess Dormitory being recommended at there and… I’m convinced, I guess? I was interested in it before it aired, but then decided not to start and now, seeing this post, I’m curious again. I admit that there was a specific image caption (and the related image) that convinced me. Can you spot which one? (tip: it has the word uncensored in it).

Top 5 anime about Anime (or Manga) - I drink and watch anime

I drink and watch anime

I love anime a lot so it makes sense that I would enjoy anime about anime (or manga). Here are 5 of my favourites.

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Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S: Twin Triumph


Even in a lackluster season, there is always one or two anime that stand out. For this show, I think having nothing really else that was ‘omg wow!” has helped it a lot. But I also think…

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Mother of Goddess Dormitory: Comedic Absurdity, with Ecchi


I said in my last post that this season has given us two shows that have reminded me of how much I love the ecchi and harem genres. We’ve discussed the first one, now it is time to talk about…

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