Changing How I Track My Reading

Last year, I started logging how much time I was reading every day, separated in Fiction, Nonfiction, Learning and Manga (Like I posted here). During December, I gave up and stopped doing that, even though it was kind of a nice data to keep track of.

I'm still going to be tracking how much I read, but in a different way: instead of time per day, I'll use pages per week. The main reason for that change is that this is a less involved way of tracking my reading habits, and will interfere less ith my actual reading time.

Think about it. Every time I went to read something, I would pick my phone and start the timer on my time tracking app. Then stop when finished, or when going to the washroom or kitchen. But this is a great way of desincentivizing small reading sessions, and force me to keep my phone with me, instead of away from me.

Now, my plan is to once a week write down the current page I'm reading in my current books, compare with the previous week and write down the difference. Something I will probably spend like 5 min. doing. I'll also have to write down if I finish a book during the week, but that's perfectly fine.

What I also like about this, is that this can be an incentive for me to journal a bit and also maybe keep track or other habits/goals. Let's see how it goes.

Main view: week number + data
Main view: week number + data

And this is inside the page for each week, along with personal notes/journal
And this is inside the page for each week, along with personal notes/journal

Update: One thing I didn't mention is that for manga, I'll be tracking chapters read, since comparing pages read fom a book to a comic book is going to mess with it. That's one of the reasons I had the tracking by time before. But I think that's going to work well :)

Trying to find a better way of tracking my reading habits #books #readingStats

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