Script: Better TheMovieDB

A while ago, I decided to move away from, and found a new home on themoviedb. While I love TMDB, there are a few things missing that bothered me, and I decided to use ViolentMonkey to create a user script and make a some improvements so my experience is better.

The script is available on this gist and for now, still being updated from time to time.

Actor Page

Starting from the actor's page, I made a few changes to help me have some insights, and add items to my watchlist:

  • Indicate which movies/shows I added to a list
  • Indicate which movies/shows I rated
  • Indicate how many are on my watchlist, other lists, and rated
  • Indicate actors I like/follow (this is a hack for now)
  • Average rating (my ratings)
  • Indicate when original language is not EN, and when it's flagged as adult
  • Indicate popularity and rating for each item
  • Show poster

We shouldn't just a book by it's cover, but having the posters there definitely helps me. And also of course, the rating!

Rated and Watchlisted items have a different icon, and also a different background. Background is also blue if it's on any list. Rating and Popularity are global, not my rating.

Media Page

Added text to Indicate if the show/movie is on a list by showing the list names, and changing the Add To List icon.

Also added a button to load public lists that contain the show/movie. Clicking on the button will move to the next page of results (movies only for now)

Search Page

Highlight items that are in a list, and append list names and rating to title. Will also add watchlist indicator later on.

List Page

I missed having some information and filter on my lists' pages. I added the total number of rated items (only works on my own lists), and also some filters to only show items that are rated/unrated, and also media flagged as adult.

A while ago I moved from to While I love it, there are a few things it could be better. So I though: why not a script? #script

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