April Reading Wrap Up And May Plans

Last month I shared my plans for the month: 1 fiction and 2 non-fiction books, and manga (check it here).

Unfortunately, I ended up not reading as much of the books. About 70-ish pages of one of the non-fiction books (The Courage To Be Disliked) and a bit over half of Death Masks.

I did read 302 chapters of One Piece - right at the end of the Slypiea arc, so it wasn’t like I wasn’t reading. Just read way more manga than planned.

Also, I ended up taking driving lessons, got a mirrorless camera (Sony a6400) and went out a few times to take pictures and all and also had friends’ birthdays two weekends in a row. So it was a good month, just less book reading than planning - and less studying German, which I’m hoping to correct now.

So I guess for May plans: finish those 3 books - Death Masks should be finished tonight, and decide on another fiction book to read. And, try to actually read more this month, watch less TV and waste less time on the computer in general - apart from studying German, photography and useful stuff.

Thumbnail by Christin Hume on Unsplash

Let’s see how April went and what I’m planning to read on May #reading #books #manga

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