My PS4 Games List

A few weeks ago, was made free for personal use. One of the things I decided to use it to, is to organize my game’s list, mainly PS4. Not that I have a lot, but it’s still cool to plan what I’m going to play next.

Random Music [Music Monday, Jun 22]

Last week I started checking some random music on Youtube, and went down the rabbit hole (as always).

Here’s some of the things I checked, enjoy!

Starting with something less random: a rock cover of Dance Monkey

Welcome To My New Blog

Hello everyone! I have decide to move away from Wordpress and use Hugo (again).

This has some disadvantages, but at least I’ll have a bit more control over the blog. And here won’t be ads on it.

There are no comments right at this moment, but I plan on using Reddit and Twitter threads as ‘comment platform’.

Please head over our dedicated subreddit r/geekosaur to chat. Also feel free to share cool content there!