Music Monday: Sam Smith live at Abbey Road Studios

Music Monday: Sam Smith live at Abbey Road Studios

Recently I got a new record: Sam Smith live at Abbey Road Studios. I like Sam Smith, but absolutely loved this album. Those versions are cleaner - for lack of a better word - and delightful to listen to. Then I discovered that it’s also available on Netflix for everyone to watch, so I say: go there and check it out!

A couple are available on Youtube, which you can check below!

Reading Stats So Far: September 2021

I’ve been traking how much I’m reading, and below are my hourly totals for each month. So far it’s been a rollercoaster, but I hope those last few months of 2021 are going to be better.

Small note on the categories: Books that ‘teach’ me something are categorized under the learn category. These are books about mythoogy, poetry, etc, while for non-fiction would be a biography, for example.

Month Total Fiction Non-fiction Learn Manga
January 15:25 13:25 2:00 0:00 0:00
February 19:00 15:04 0:37 2:20 0:59
March 10:07 7:04 0:00 3:03 0:00
April 6:29 4:44 0:00 0:53 0:52
May 9:29 7:19 0:00 0:26 1:44
June 15:41 11:55 0:00 0:00 3:46
July 5:31 0:41 0:00 3:08 1:42
August 7:13 2:38 0:00 0:00 4:35
Total 88:55 62:50 2:37 9:50 13:38

So far, the only non-fiction book I was reading this year was H is for Hawk, which is currently on hold, but I hope I get back to it before the end of the year.

Geekosaur News #16: Dropping Duolingo, Studying Poetry, And More

So, I took quite a break from the blog and this newsletter. There are a lot of reasons, but an important one is that it was low priority and I didn’t have much desire or ideas to write. And I guess my Jamstack for the blog doesn’t help, as it not as easy as using wordpress or blogger to write and publish. Not that it’s hard, but a couple extra steps.

I even flirted a bit with Revue, a newsletter website that was bought by Twitter, but for now I think I’ll keep this newsletter as blog posts, as in the end I always find limitations and annoyances with those blog/newsletter services.

But anyway, I plan on returning, even if with a less strict schedule and maybe less posting overall. I still like to talk about what I’ve been up to, and specially recommend stuff that I think is good.

My Old Blogs Names Part 1

In the latest Otakusphere, Iniksbane mentions how Moyatorium is their favorite name for a blog, which I kinda have to agree. Compared to all blog names I ever had, it’s on a whole other level of coolness.

But I realized I also never talked about this title blog’s domain, my previous ones, and my complete incompetency at coming up with a great decent name and sticking with it. So let’s chat a bit about my blogging adventures through the decades.

Starting Less New TV Shows For Now

Too many cool TV shows, too little time to watch all of them. Who else has this problem?

It’s a common scenario for me: start a new TV show, watch it over a week or two, and then wait a whole year for the next season. But then when the next season arrives, you are already watching so many other new TV shows that you end up leaving it for later, but never go back to it.

52 paused, 120 abandoned. That’s a lot!

52 paused, 120 abandoned. That’s a lot!