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Welcome To My New Blog

Hello everyone! I have decide to move away from Wordpress and use Hugo (again).

This has some disadvantages, but at least I’ll have a bit more control over the blog. And here won’t be ads on it.

There are no comments right at this moment, but I plan on using Reddit and Twitter threads as ‘comment platform’.

Please head over our dedicated subreddit r/geekosaur to chat. Also feel free to share cool content there!

What Cosplays Do You Like To See At Conventions?

Recently I’ve attended Aniventure, an anime convention I always enjoy going to, and I noticed one thing: I only took one photo. My wife did take a few: some of us, another with two youtubers (just her and some friends, I was taking the pic) and, of course, the cosplay contest. I’m not usually into taking pictures, and this got me wondering why did I take just that one.

Smile for the camera

Smile for the camera


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