Fall 2020 Anime - What I'm Watching

A bit late to the party, but let’s talk seasonal anime. This is going to be a slow season for me, as I both behind in some titles, and reading/watching other non-anime stuff (and playing Animal Crossing).

I guess I can start with the things I’m behind, which is mainly 2: Re:Zero and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?. For obvious reasons, I can’t start Danmachi’s 3rd season, even though I’m not sure I’m in the mood for it right now, and Re:Zero is something that interests me more/has a higher priority than most seasonal anime for fall 2020. I should also add that I have all Sound! Euphonium movies in my backlog. whew

Happy Halloween!

Have a happy halloween everyone!

It’s been a while since I posted last here, and I didn’t have time to prepare anything horror-themed :(

Enjoy the festivities, a pumpkin spiced latte, watch some Dark Shadows (the original soap opera) and listen to the Penny Dreadful OST!

Watched: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 3

When I started this show, the first 2 season were out already. AND I BINGED BOTH SO QUICKLY. It became of of those series I absolutely love (almost) everything about: the actors, story, setting, music, costumes, comedy. I even bought the first 2 seasons' OSTs in vinyl.

For some reason though, I started season 3 when it was released, but didn’t get to finish it at that time. And then I went to Brazil, and was locked there for 5 months… But coming back home decided to finally watch the second half of the season, and I loved it!!

Books I'm Reading Now [Sept. 24, 2020]

Time to talk about book I’m reading. On thing that I’m trying to do is have a few ‘active’ books, so I can have a change. Also, I’m trying to split my reads in 3 categories: fiction, non-fiction, and learning. The list below is a good example of that.

Finished Control Game

After so many months without playing it, and then some time trying to beat it, I finally completed Control’s main story.

A couple weeks ago I got stuck in the last battle, and after dying many times I stopped playing it for a while. A bit because of the frustration, but also because I got Fall Guys on PS4, and a Nintendo Switch with Animal Crossing and Streets of Rage 4. Then this week I decided to give it another try, and was pleasantly surprised with an update that added assist options.

Good Old AMVs

I remember many years ago (like, 2 decades) when I used to go to anime conventions and actually watch anime and AMVs. The 2000s were when the otaku culture was still beginning in Brazil, and internet and subbed anime was not common at all.

Sometimes I remember a few AMVs that I used to watch from time to time, and get a really nostalgic feeling. I still have a CD with AMVs somewhere, all of them downloaded on Kazaa. Maybe one day I’ll find it and see what other videos it contains.

Anyway, below I have a few AMVs from my early otaku days, 3 from anime, and 2 from games. Hope you enjoy! And leave a comment on the linked reddit post below, with your favorite AMVs ever!