Reading Manga, Wanting More

After catching up with Black Clover, I'm back to reading Ranma 1/2. Read a couple of the double volumes, and already started another one. Have also been checking the Manga Plus app to see what else is there.

Yeah, I know, shouldn't be doing that considering how many I'm already "currently reading", or already have in my list. But, if anyone has a suggestion of a manga that's on Manga Plus and NOT on Shonen Jump app, let me know :)

Also, updated my currently reading page with a few manga I'm interested in maybe starting later this year:

  • My Monster Secret / Jitsu wa Watashi wa
    • Watched the anime years ago and it was fun. Wanna see the whole story
  • Call Of The Night
    • Anime was fun, BUT will probably end up just waiting for season 2 instead
  • Ayakashi Triangle
    • Interested in the anime too, but haven't been watching anime recently
  • Grand Blue
    • Read first few chapters a loooooong time ago
  • My Hero Academia
    • Since manga is ending, wanted to maybe read it along as it releases. Watched only a couple episodes of the current season, and stopped watching any anime at the moment
  • Kaguya-sama: Love Is War
    • The anime didn't catch my attention, I think I don't even finished the first episode. But I wonder if I should give the manga a try

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